Time/Memory Limit:1000 MS/32768 K
Submitted: 309 Accepted: 187

 Problem Description

As you know,Dandan trid hard for his love-letter, and now he's spending too much time on choosing flowers for Angel.
When Dandan entered the flower shop, he was frightened and dazed by thousands kinds of flowers.
"How can I choose!" Dandan shouted out.
Finally,Dandan-- a no-EQ man decided to buy flowers as many as possible.
Can you compute how many flowers Dandan can buy at most?


Input have serveral test cases. Each case has two lines.
The first line contains two integers: N and M. M means how much money Dandan have.
N integers following, means the prices of differnt flowers.


For each case, print how many flowers Dandan can buy at most.
You may firmly assume the number of each kind of flower is enough.

 Sample Input

2 5
2 3

 Sample Output



Dandan can buy 5=2+3,at most 2 flower, but he cannot buy 3 flower with 5 yuan.