1091:Encoded Love-letter

Time/Memory Limit:1000 MS/32768 K
Submitted: 67 Accepted: 32

 Problem Description

After Gardon had got Angel's letter, he found it was encoded...Oh my god, why did she encode a love-letter?? But don't worry, she wrote the algorithm for encoding after the letter:
Each charactor are changed to a corresponding charactor. If the keyword is "Angel", the rule will be:
    You may find that in the bottom line, charactors of the keyword come first. All other charactors will come in a reversed order.
    Now given another keyword, work the letter out!
    Can you write a program to translate the letter?


The letter will begin with the keyword (All uppercase), then lines of text.


Decode the letter and print it out. Please note that a upper-case charactor will be decoded to a upper-case charactor, while a lower-case charactor will be decoded to a lower-case charactor.

 Sample Input

Fxlr jxaj eac W xlam cqim hqwgl
W xahl kqsl kplgwat zlltwry
Tlj sl atfack jxwru W eqr'j farra zqmylj cqi
W mlslsnlm aj jxl eac
Cqi aml atfack qr sc swre
Lhlrjxqiyx W vikj gar jxwru anqij cqi
Wz jxl eac wr jxl zijiml
Jxwk tqhl fwtt nlgqswry jmil
W'hl rlhlm gxaryl sc swre jxaj W fwtt tqhl cqi zqmlhlm
W eqr'j gaml xqf zqqt wj wk
W fwtt tlj sc emlas gqsl jmil
W fwtt jltt cqi kqsljxwry W farra tlj cqi urqf, W tlj cqi urqf

W tqhl cqi, tqhwry cqi, ak jxl sqikl tqhlk jxl mwgl
Lhlr lhlmc eac xak kjqms, W fwtt atfack nc cqim kwel
W swkk cqi, swkkwry cqi
W eqr'j gaml xqf xame wj wk
W vikj farj cqi jq nl xappc
Lhlmcjxwry, W eq wj zqm cqi

 Sample Output

When that day I hear your voice
I have some special feeling
Let me always think I don't wanna forget you
I remember at the day
You are always on my mind
Eventhough I just can think about you
If the day in the future
This love will becoming true
I've never change my mind that I will love you forever
I don't care how fool it is
I will let my dream come true
I will tell you something I wanna let you know, I let you know

I love you, loving you, as the mouse loves the rice
Even every day has storm, I will always by your side
I miss you, missing you
I don't care how hard it is
I just want you to be happy
Everything, I do it for you 


DYGG's contest 3 - the Valentine's Day