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       MNNU Online Judge System is a website hosted by the Minnan Normal University, here you will find hundreds of problems. You can submit your solution (the program source code) to one of the problems, and the online judge will determine whether it's correct or not.


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We provide some softwares and documents, to download them: vc6.0(解压密码为vc), MNNUOJ离线版(若出现"已取消到该网页的导航"错误,请右击-属性-解除锁定即可).
First of all, read carefully:
User Guide
If you want to quickstart ACM please find problem vol[11].
We have problems for teaching C:
vol[61], C++: vol[71], DataStructure: vol[81].
If you find any "bug" or you want to publish your problems, just
write to us.